Emergence and Crime

Dead Man Hacking

The Johnson, an elven woman in a business suit, met the team at The Edge. Well, that was the plan, anyways – Damien deceptively sent the team to a different table on the grounds that they looked unpresentable, and held the meeting by himself. Stevens was not pleased. The job is to recover the body of a friend of hers, one MacArthur Bowman. He suffered fatal injuries while hacking, and his body was stolen from the DocWagon ambulance en route to the hospital.

They started their search at his house, where he keeps a backup commlink under his pillow. Stevens and Fox snuck in under Improved Invisibility, but in a wrinkle, the guy’s wife is there reading in bed. After trying to tap on the window and get her to open it, Stevens simply smashed the window, knocked her out, and took the commlink. They book it out of there… until they are surprised by an ork who somehow was able to detect them, and demands they hand over the commlink. Stevens knocks him out and kills him, but his eagle shifter buddy cast stunball and briefly chased the two as Stevens turned into a drake and flew away.

The commlink contains data about Bowman’s last assignment, to retrieve records of a number of patients from a hospital’s servers. Mariana hacked, decrypted, and copied the data. A search on these patients revealed that at least one of them suffered from AIPS. The hospital is owned by a subsidiary of Mitsuhama.

The team moved on the DocWagon hospital where the body was en route to, and where the ambulance that was attacked is being stored. They were able to get a video of the attack taking place from the ambulance, which gives them a lead on the location of the enemy team’s safehouse.

Fox astrally scouted the safehouse from about 100m away. After getting intel on the locations of a few troops (and finding who appears to be your charge), he stumbles across the eagle shifter from earlier. They see each other, and the battle is begun. Stevens shifted to drake form (much to the surprise of most of the team). He picked up Fox and they fly to the safehouse post haste, crashing through the roof. The eagle shifter stun balled them, and his buddy next to him shot the hell out of Stevens. Stevens, pissed off now, ripped both apart. A couple of flashbangs went off at their feet. A couple of actual grenades were about to go off as well, but they pulled out of the house in time.

Niklas and Damien finally arrived a the courtyard’s entrance, where Niklas stood in the open and shot some guys – and discovered several drones in the courtyard. How silly of him… he took a couple of shots before managing to duck back behind the wall, hurt bad. Before long, though, Mariana had hacked some of the drones and was ordering it to fire on the bad guys, which it did without mercy. Stevens finished the job by knocking a wall on top of them, and biting the head off one for good measure. Meanwhile, Fox gave Niklas a little healing.

Main combat is over, but there are a couple of loose ends yet. There’s still one guy in the house (the drone rigger) in addition to your charge. Then there’s getting your guy out (he was in pretty bad shape when Fox assensed him) and returning to the Johnson.


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