A Melee Adept who was falsely accused of murder, now out to find the real killer.


Niklas was framed for murder, served 15 years, and only recently was released and is now trying to find the real killer.

The murder happened when Niklas was 18. He was wandering around a Renraku building, found a dead guy on their property that was riddled with bullets and called the police. The guy turns out to be involved in Mitsuhama research, then suddenly the cops claim to have found the murder weapon with Niklas’ prints on it and footage of him around Mitsuhama property.
He went to jail for 15 years, served it all, and has been out for a little less than a year.

Still working on Claud (the Beat Cop)’s connection but… either a friend or a relative was involved in the case and so he heard talk about it. Rumours about falsified evidence and the like. So he knows… basically just enough to provide a few hints and prods in the direction of the real culprits.



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